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Current Staff

ADOCK-WHITE Liz Social Worker

ANSLEY Amie Physiotherapist

BARE Ali Music Specialist/Early Intervention Educator

BENNETTS Lee Speech Language Therapist

BERESFORD Ally Physiotherapist

BIRD Kerry Early Intervention Educator

BISLEY Amy Early Intervention Educator

BOYD Victoria Music Specialist

BRACKEN Huia Kaiwhakapuawai

BROOKS Emily Speech Language Therapist

BROOM Jesse Playroom Specialist/Early Intervention Teacher

CARPENTER Sonja Speech Language Therapist

CHILVERS Emma Playroom Specialist

CREAN Paula Social Worker

CRESWICK Beccy Early Intervention Teacher

CRIPPS Gwenda Early Intervention Educator

CROY Carol Speech Language Therapist

DANIEL Maureen Playroom Specialist

DAWSON Miriam Early Intervention Teacher

DELANEY Jane Accounts Clerk

DUNNAGE Leanne Computer Supported
Learning Specialist

DUTHIE Lisa Early Intervention Teacher

ENTWISTLE Wendy Early Intervention Services Manager

FLANAGAN Leanne Video Capturer

FOSTER-COHEN Susan Director

FRANKLIN Jasmine Early Intervention Educator

FREW Julie-Ann Occupational Therapist

GOSTEVA Aleksandra Psychologist

GOVAN Jody Speech Language Therapist

GRAY Alison Psychologist and Family Services Manager

GRIEVE Natasha Early Intervention Educator

HAMMOND Raewyn Early Intervention Educator

HANCHARD Linda Music Specialist

HANCOCK Jackie Early Intervention Teacher/Computer Supported Learning Specialist

HAWKYARD Toni Occupational Therapist

HOSKINS Piki Play Specialist

HOUSE Angela Early Intervention Educator

KERRY Deborah Physiotherapist

KINLEY Jasmine Early Intervention Educator


KOSTER Jenine Early Intervention Teacher

LEIGH Olivia Occupational Therapist

LEONARD Annette Early Intervention Educator

MALZARD Margaret Early Intervention Educator

MANGOS Sally Senior Office Administrator

MARRA Sarah Music Specialist

MILLAR Grace Music Specialist

MCPHILLIPS Judith Early Intervention Educator

MURPHY Jan Clinical Practice Manager/Speech
Language Therapist

NORTON Jenny Early Intervention Educator

O'LOUGHLIN Jannie Early Intervention Educator

PARKER Jenene Early Intervention Educator

PARKINGSON Natasha Speech Language Therapist

PORTER Margaret Education Support Worker

POWELL Sarah Speech Language Therapist

PRISK-VINK Margi Occupational Therapist

REDPATH Chris Visuals Coordinator

REES Beth Speech Language Therapist

REID Celia Physiotherapist

RITCHIE Robyn Occupational Therapist

ROBERTS Carol Early Intervention Teacher

SMITH Bethany Playroom Specialist/Office Administrator

SMITH Rebecca Speech Language Therapist

STEVENSON Marie Early Intervention Teacher

STEWART Leanne Early Intervention  Teacher

STOCK Hilary Computer Supported
Learning Specialist

STORR Karon Grants and Fundraising Coordinator

TATTERSON Clare Psychologist

TOWNSHEND Liz Communication Facilitator

TROTTER Jennifer Speech Language Therapist

VAN DER PLAS Jill Speech Language Therapist

VAN RENSBURG Mariana Occupational Therapist

WATSON Chloe Speech Language Therapist

WILKINSON Belinda Office Administrator

WILSON Marguerite Social Worker

WYLIE Julie Music Specialist

YOUNG Emma Early Intervention Educator


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