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Lyn, mother of Daniel (now 7) sent us this feedback:

Daniel transferred to the Champion Centre when he was roughly one year old, and we never looked back. Now in a mainstream class at school Daniel is making great progress with his reading.  Thank you all so much for your unfailing belief in our children. For helping us as parents to set the bar high for our children, and to not use disability as an excuse. They are only limited by our expectations of them.

I am so thankful that I heard about the Champion Centre and that you accepted us. I believe it has made 'a world of difference' to Daniel, and you have helped give him the best educational start to life possible.


“Nowhere in the world will you find Early Intervention of the caliber found at the Champion Centre. The child-centre, family-focused approach permeates this highly skilled staff, and the working practices of this exceptional organisation. In my role as European Representative to the World Organising Committee for the international Society of Early Intervention promoting quality in the field is a major goal. In the Champion Centre, Christchurch, that quality is found in abundance.”

Professor Barry Carpenter OBE
Chief Executive, Sunfield, Clent – UK


My Son Otto started at the Champion Centre when he was 2. At that time, we had barriers in front of us regarding Otto’s future development and schooling.

The Champion Centre was a new start. The Staff were and have always been positive and exceptional people. Otto’s development and potential today would not have been realised without the skill, support and encouragement of the Champion Centre.

Their non-judgmental input and teaching of Otto and us, as the parents of a special needs child, have given us the strength and knowledge for our future as a family.

Amanda (Otto’s Mum) 


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