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Where are they now?

Here are a few of our graduate stories.....

Jack's mum, Megan, sent us this: "Jack has been at school full time since the start of the year. The MOE funds 18 hours a week and the school tops up the rest. The school incorporate signing in the curriculum across the whole school, and it is also taught in the kindergarten that feeds into the school :-) The Principal's aim is to start at school and eventually it will feed out to the cool is that :-) We have the odd word coming and a lot more sounds, but Jack does find speech incredibly hard still. We are so incredibly lucky to have moved here and chosen Goldfields Primary for our Jack. So as you can see school is a great time for Jack....he loves it :-)" July 2013 




A gallery of grads! 


Dylan loves his job at Ferrymead.


                                                                                       Lachlan, aged 7½ years

wherenow3Molly Rose is a keen Bieber fan. 



 Amelia and her brother, June 2012











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