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Champion Foundation Trust

The Champion Foundation Trust is a separately registered Charitable Trust (CC39895)

The Trustees of the Champion Foundation Trust are:

Celia Barker (Chair)

Dr Patricia Champion (MBE)

Bridget Frame

Michael Norris

Roger Young (Treasurer)

The Advisory Trustees are:

Vince Barry, Carol Bellette, Graeme Daniel, Andrew Hall, David Lang and Henry van Asch

The Champion Foundation Trust has the express purpose of building a capital fund to generate investment income to secure the future of the Champion Centre administered by the Christchurch Early Intervention Trust. Funds are held in an account with ASB, account# 12-3285-0002432-00

The Foundation welcomes:

  1. Pledges of donations over a period of time
  2. One-off  and repeat donations
  3. Bequests

The provisions of the trust deed both allow investment income to be disbursed directly to the Champion Centre for operations and also to preserve the capital. With the latter in mind, the trust deed provides for your gift to be held in four possible ways:
  1. Class A: The capital is to be held or invested on the terms set out in the Trustees Act 1956 with no capital distribution to be made
  2. Class B: The capital will be held on the same terms as Class A provided that after fifty (50) years from the date of the gift the capital will be transferred into the Default Class
  3. Class C: The capital will be held on the same terms as Class B except the Trustees are allowed to purchase one or more real estate properties to lease to the Christchurch Early Intervention Trust on such terms as the Board thinks fit (which need not be market terms).
  4. Class D: (DEFAULT CLASS) The capital is to be held on the presumption that the capital be preserved PROVIDED THAT if the Trustees unanimously agree a distribution or capital purchase will benefit the Christchurch Early Intervention Trust more than the retention of capital then a capital distribution of capital payment may be made.
The Foundation is proud to introduce a new children's book - Earlybird. This is a very special book for families of children born prematurely. To find out more, please click here.

Further information about the Champion Foundation can be found in the following reports

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