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Monitoring Programme

Monitoring Programme for Babies and Children at Developmental Risk
The monitoring service monitors the development of the children who are either born prematurely or who have other health-related vulnerabilities, from referral until 4 years of age.
NICU paediatricians usually refer babies whom they consider to be at risk for developmental difficulties.
The purpose of the service is to monitor the children as they grow to ensure their development is keeping up with other children of the same age.
Babies and their parents/caregivers attend weekly sessions for the first few months. This is a time for sharing techniques of handling, interaction and play, which will assist the baby’s learning and general development. Individual needs and concerns are discussed to complement and support parenting within family situations.
Regular assessment and monitoring sessions then take place at 8,12,18, 24, 36 and 48 months. At these sessions the child and parents/caregivers are engaged in a positive assessment process which is play-based and child-friendly, to elicit the child’s best performance.
The sessions end with a discussion, which covers the child’s strengths and needs, and may include play suggestions to encourage development in specific areas. A report of the assessment findings is sent to the parent/caregivers, the referring paediatrician and GP. If any concerns are identified at any stage, an intervention plan is put in place.

Jacks mother says:

“as first-time parents and having a premature baby, we knew little of what to expect in terms of his development. The Champion Centre provided the guidance needed with skilled therapists working in a relaxed and supportive environment to help us through the crucial first month and year”


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