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Relating and Communicating Programme

The Relating and Communicating programme is for children who have difficulties in their ability to be in relationship with others.  These difficulties may be shown through making limited eye contact, finding unfamiliar situations and change difficult, being rigid or repetitive in play, finding it difficult to understand others, and finding it difficult to communcate in ways that most people around them understand.  Such children are usually very anxious because they cannont make sense of their world, particularly the world of people.

The Relating and Communicating Programme is an additional programme that parents and children are invited to attend for a period of time, either instead of (or sometimes in conjunction with) our standard programme.  Families have weekly individual sessions with a therapy team that may involve an occupational therapist, speech language therapist, psychologist and music specialist depending on the needs of the child. Activities are all designed to be emotionally reassuring and playful; and are individually tailored to the interests and needs of each child.


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