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Introducing Peri – the Earlybird

In late 2017, the Champion Foundation Trust embarked on a very special project for families of children born prematurely. And as a result, we are absolutely delighted to welcome Peri Pukeko to the Champion Centre family.

Peri, like so many of our clients was born prematurely and had his own unique start to life. Peri's journey has been beautifully told in the stunning new children's book Earlybird which has been brought to life thanks to the Champion Foundation Trust and its incredible project supporters The Wright Family Foundation, The Elizabeth Ball Charitable Trust, Blogg Charitable Trust and CERT.

What makes this more special is that families who spend time in one of the six Neonatal Units around the country, will be gifted a free copy of the book.

The book was officially launched on Monday 19 November, two days after World Prematurity Day.

A huge thank you to the Champion Centre families who shared their personal journeys to help shape the story of Earlybird, to the generous funding partners, and to the Champion Foundation for creating such a special story for our families and others to enjoy.

The book is $30 which includes free delivery.

All proceeds from the sale of Earlybird go to The Champion Centre.

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