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2015 Roundup

Tuesday, 15 December 2015 10:24

It has been an exciting year at the Champion Centre and one of the most stable, both literally and metaphorically, for several years.  We have a strong team of therapists, specialists and support staff who have all contributed to the many great outcomes for the children and families who attended our service this year. To read more Champion Centre news, you can see our December 2015 newsletter here.

During 2015, Janelle, (who attended the Champion Centre about 20 years ago), returned to the Centre for a short period of work placement, doing a fine job working in the playroom and office. You can read more about Janelle's return to the Centre in the 2015 Annual Report here.

Another highlight of 2015 was a visit from Dr. Carolyn Blackburn, Research Fellow in Early Childhood Studies, Birmingham City University. Based on this visit, Dr Blackburn submitted a report to her funders and is making a presentation at the ISEI conference in Sweden in June 2016. The report is very affirming of everything we are doing at the Champion Centre. The full report can be read here.

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