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Our service

The Champion Centre provides relationship-based early intervention services to infants and young children with complex disabilities. Parents and children visit the Centre each week and have one-on-one individualised sessions with each of the members of a multi-disciplinary team.  All teams involve either a physiotherapist or an occupational therapist, a speech and language therapist, and an early intervention teacher. Most teams also have music specialists, computer supported learning specialists and playroom specialists. All families also have access to the family support team; and most children over three years old are supported by an Education Support Worker when they attend their community early childhood centre.

The Champion Centre programme is based on the philosophy that all learning occurs in the context of healthy relationships between the infant or child and those who live with and love them. We operate from the perspective that every child, no matter what developmental challenges they face, will learn and grow through the intervention of skilled therapists and informed parents/caregivers. All staff are trained in human development and use this knowledge to both teach the underlying components of functional skills and help children integrate these into daily living and learning through play-based activities that utilise children's interests and strengths.

How to Access our Service

The Champion Centre welcomes enquiries about our service, and families whose infant or young child has been diagnosed with complex needs are welcome to arrange a visit to the Centre.  However, referrals cannot be made directly to The Champion Centre.

All referrals are received through a paediatrician to the Early Intervention Coordination Service or EICS for short.  If a child is not currently under the care of a paediatrician, they should first see their GP who will refer them on to a paediatrician if appropriate.  All paediatricians within the CDHB and Child Specialist Service know the referral process and who to send a referral to.

EICS provides a single point of entry to the range of early intervention services in the Christchurch area and is comprised of CCS Disability Action, The Champion Centre, Conductive Education, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.


Here is a short video about what we do and what it means for parents: